About Us

About Us

Equipo Tora Carey (ETC) is a collaborative project of passionate people, mostly from Costa Rica, who work together to protect Costa Rican marine species. We are proud of our extraordinary growing movement of ordinary people making a difference!

Our objective is to mobilize and empower local communities – the most important resource at the project’s disposal – to end the destruction of habitats and species on Costa Rica’s coast through science, education, conservation, and action!

Maike Heidemeyer lead researcher and founder of the Equipo Tora Carey Team

ETC cares about all components of coastal marine ecosystems — but especially about the future of coastal fishing communities. ETC combines environmental education with scientific monitoring of marine resources.

We are building an innovative community.
We believe in the importance of co-operation and creating a positive movement that involves everyone; people of all ages and from all walks of life joining the effort to protect our oceans.

Maintaining a positive mindset is essential, especially when reaching for our goals or projects that reflect our desire to care for the planet. When we hone in on our positive energy, we prepare ourselves for a variety of outcomes, getting that much closer to reaching our goals.

Positive actions bring about positive outcomes, but change must come today, because tomorrow may be too late.

With each new day we have the opportunity to replace bad habits
with good actions that won’t harm the environment.