DAP the inspiring Carey Sea Turtle

What a perfect ending today for the kid’s team “los Protectores del Medio Ambiente”. After 3 months studying the sea turtles of Punta Descartes, today was the last class for the kids. After the class we started the topic of responsible fishing at Manzanillo Beach. Suddenly, one of our researchers, Damien of Jobo community came out of the water with a juvenile Carey Turtle. A ¬†short moment later, they were identifying, measuring and tagging our new friend: DPA (Damien and Los Protectores del medio Ambiente). Soon DPA was back in the water. This was an amazing end for the students of the sea turtle program.

The promise of protecting those turtles are a good start for the next environmental education topic which is ” RESPONSABLE FISHING.” DPA like all Carey Turtles feed on small fish, making fish nursery protection a vital aspect of Carey conservation.

Thank you DPA for coming into our lives and inspiring our kids !

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