Equipo Tora Carey (ETC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on:

Marine Resources, Conservation and Research

Officially registered since 2016, ETC is uniquely composed of academic biologists, fishermen, and local tourism operators. We have the common objective of achieving the sustainable development of marine resources and habitats through science, education and responsible tourism.

(ToraCarey turtle)

The name Equipo Tora Carey defines the NGOs characterizing team work : (“Equipo” = Team) and a rare sea turtle, locally known as the “Tora Carey”, which refers to the morphological similarity of the black turtle (“Tora”) mixed with the yellow-orange coloration of the hawksbill turtle (“Carey”). Indeed, the Tora Carey belongs to a green turtle population native to the Indo-Pacific, which are dispersed into only few areas of the Eastern Pacific. However, individuals of this distinct population are found in the Santa Elena Gulf and around the Punta Descartes Peninsula, likely because of the area’s few remaining coral reefs.

ETC is therefore unique in its setting, composition and execution of research and conservation efforts.

As we work towards building a better world, we provide an example for the next generation, who must internalize from early age respect, responsibility and stewardship of our environment.

We are born with the purpose of protecting sea turtles as well as their habitats, taking decisions about our politic and actions with the community to ensure their conservation.