We Are Born With The Purpose Of Protecting Sea Turtles

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Equipo Tora Carey

is a community-based NGO in El Jobo, Costa Rica, that protects its marine wildlife and resources through research, education and action!


We monitor, track and research the behaviour of several marine species with a special focus on sea turtles.


We raise awareness of conservation in the local El Jobo community to support the development of sustainable habits.


We take an active part in conservation by supporting the sea turtles natural reproduction and by reducing pollution on our local beaches.

This is el Jobo

Our Home. Our Community. We work hand in hand with strong ties to the locals. They are the field investigators. 

The community supports our vision and actively participates in our daily conservation tasks. All together, we  protect marine resources around El Jobo.

ETC needs your support! Help us to keep up our work!


Your work is needed and very much appreciated. Contribute to all our activities and take responsibility for the well-being of marine life in Costa Rica.

Scientific Tourism

Planning a Trip to Costa Rica? Stop by at ETC and be part of our work for one or multiple days. Learn about marine species and take home a great experience.


Because we are working as a non profit, we need your help to pay the locals and our bills. Support the local field investigators with your donation. Thank you!

Stay in Touch with Us!

Want to keep up with the work of ETC or learn how to contribute?
Send us an email at etoracarey@gmail.com 

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