Be A Volunteer

Costa Rica is a small, stunningly beautiful country that contains approximately five percent of the world’s biodiversity. It is a land of native, free roaming monkeys, hundreds of species of colourful birds and a series of diverse microclimates. El Jobo, located on the North Pacific coast, is on a small peninsula and was once a remote fishing town. Today, with the addition of a large resort and a general influx of tourism to the country, things are beginning to change.

This is where you come in...

To ensure that the Green Ridley, Olive Ridley, Hawksbill sea turtle as well as rays, parrots and other species found in the El Jobo area remain protect from poachers and massive coastal development, we need your help!

By gathering valuable information about the behaviours of the sea turtles, rays and parrots in and out of the water, you will contribute to the development of more efficient protection measurements. Additionally, you can have a lasting impact on the local community by assisting in the El Jobo elementary school and support the marine education program and English classes. If you have a marine biology background, you also have the opportunity to conduct your own research with the collected data. There is much to do in El Jobo!

Volunteer Programs

Currently, we offer two types of volunteer programs: scientific volunteer program and experience volunteer program. Both programme participants will perform similar tasks, however, Scientific Volunteers will most likely conduct their own research, while Experience Volunteers contribute to already existing projects. But have a look yourself:

Scientific Volunteering

We provide an opportunity for marine science students or students from a related field to complete an internship or carry out their research in El Jobo.

Experience Volunteering

Our experience volunteer program is suitable for everyone that has a passion for the environment and marine life conservation.